Digital art / fractal art / light art


Fractal and digital art in general lover. Based in Slovakia. Overflowing with creativity.


Colours, shapes, glow… Impressions matter most and they are the main aspect of my work. I believe art should be felt, not thought about. You see it – you love/hate it. There is nothing to dispute about. Just you, the picture and your inner world.

Artworks & creative process:

These compelling pieces of abstract art are now available as wide variety of state-of-the-art prints – it is up to you to choose from photographic, fine art, framed prints, wrapped canvases or metal plate prints with superior color effect and durability.

Author has 9 years of professional experience in digital and new media art. Artworks are unique with their complex creative process, style and atmosphere, leaving the viewer impressed and letting him/her to enjoy the best of what new media bring to contemporary art world.

Ready to own a masterpiece? Unique Prints Shop offers:

* unique art
* worldwide shipping
* All orders (except Wall Peels) are currently produced and shipped from Bay Photo lab in California
* orders are fulfilled via Fotomoto ecommerce platfrom
* digital downloads and licenses are available as well

Digital photography

Unique Prints Shop also offers wide range of digital photos from independent creators.

All photos are distributed under CC0 license & can be ordered as prints.

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